Angerona Love has been a professional writer since 1988 and has worked in alternative healthcare since 1992.

She is a Certified Wellness Consultant, a Certified Life Strategies Coach, and is certified in Rapid Trauma Resolution, hypnosis, and NLP. She is also ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) trained and used to work with women who were suicidal.

Through writing and video work, she tries to help people cope with depression, anxiety, suicide, grief, abuse history, addiction, trauma, pre- and post-surgery, and illness. She is passionate about helping people improve their lives and health with alternative, non-invasive options and believes the current model of mental health treatment is not conducive to health, wellness, or wholeness.

She published When Darkness Comes: Saying “No” to Suicide after the fatal suicide of her fiance and becoming suicidal herself. She is working on two other books, editing one novel, and has written numerous articles about mental health issues. Look for her work on her blog at Self Help Salad, on Amazon, and on her YouTube Channel at SelfHelpSalad.

Angerona is an introvert and semi-recluse. Her delights include food, travel, reading, writing, learning, spirituality, animals, beautiful surroundings, qigong, and meditation. She lives with a small menagerie of dogs and cats in central Mexico.